Jewish news from Ukraine
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                  Jewish news from Ukraine

                  Jewish news from Ukraine


                  In Kiev, on September 5, a session of the General Council of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress took place. Leaders of Jewish organizations of the former Soviet Union, Eastern European countries, and the Asian-pacific region came together for the most important forum of the Jewish community. Kazakhstan was presented by President of Mitsva Association Alexandr Baron.

                  On September 6, President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Alexander Mashkevich made a comprehensive program report.

                  On September 7, session participants visited Uman - the city where Rabbi Nakhman from Breslava is buried. Two years ago EAJC President Alexander Mashkevich bought the burial place of the Chasidism founder. Every year on Rosh-a-Shana eve this small city receives a great number of Rabbi Nakhman followers from many countries of the world. The pilgrimage has become very popular and inspired many large-scale events. Thousands of Chassids, rabbis, and religious leaders from all over the world come to Ukraine to honor the sacred grave. Many charter flights were organized to meet the needs of pilgrims.
                  This year, the events were visited by the Chief Rabbi of Israel Iona Metsger, President of Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Alexander Mashkevich, and many others.