Aims and History
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                  Aims and History

                  The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress has been created to defend the rights and legitimate interests of the Jewish people, to promote and satisfy  community needs and interests, and also to officially represent Jewish communities of the Euro-Asian region in the governments of a given region countries and in international organizations, in cooperation with the organizations and associations of Jewish communities of individual states.

                  The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress together with the World Jewish Congress sets before itself the following tasks:

                  • To promote unity among the Jewish people and to aid in the creation, life and efforts of unitfication of the Jewish organizations, communities, and professional structures, the activity of which is directed at further development of national life;
                  • To support Israel, to side with the Jewish State in the international community;
                  • To fight for human rights and respect for all people, promote national and religious tolerance, defend the individual right of Jews and Jewish communities to profess Judaism;
                  • To develop and improve relations with various religious denominations, including Christianity and Islam;
                  • To develop tolerance, oppose xenophobia and anti-Semitism;
                  • To render necessary assistance to establishments of culture, education and science which study, spread and develop Jewish culture;
                  • To aid in the study of Jewish life in the Euro-Asian region and to aid in spreading through the informational superhighway a complete, objective and exact picture of this segment of Jewish life;
                  • To contribute to the preservation of Jewish material and spiritual heritage,  he return and restoration of illegally confiscated and nationalized Jewish communities' property;
                  • To promote just compensations to Jews and members of their families - Holocaust victims;
                  • To bring changes through legitimate means to regional countries' legislations, with the aim of heightening their correspondence to international law norms on national minorities, national cultural autonomies, rehabilitation of deported peoples, restitution, and taxation.